Sustainability & Ethics

A core value of ‘For Andy’ is our focus on ethical & sustainable business practices that do not harm people or the planet. From day one we ensured these values were integrated into the core of our business operations.



Our scarves are made from 100% up-cycled material made from the fabric off-cuts of designers. By using these fabrics, we are effectively saving excess waste going into landfill and using material that is already in circulation. This way, we are not creating anything ‘new’ for consumption.

All of our products are locally manufactured in Australia in small batches which means we can produce very little waste and unsaleable products and do not support unethical sweatshop operations. We also pride ourselves on being able to support the local economy and other small businesses through our operations. All of the people we employ and manufacturers we partner with are treated with the utmost of respect and paid a fair wage.



Our postal packaging is 100% plastic free and biodegradable. Our tissue wrap is also FCS certified, printed on acid free paper using soy-based inks and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Our printed cards are designed as art pieces which can be kept, but they and all other cardboard included in your order can also be safely recycled.

We are constantly researching and sourcing more sustainable ways we can improve as a business, and we thank you for supporting us as we strive to continually do better in this arena. Our planet matters!



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