How to Tie Your Scarf

Below are visual instructions on how to tie our scarves into a 'turban style' & the only skill you need is knowing how to tie a knot! This is just one of many ways you can wear our scarves - click here to visit our Instagram @thisisforandy  for more tutorials and style inspiration ♡

1. (a) Fold the scarf diagonally into a triangle shape. (b) Drop one corner longer than the other if you need to make it larger to fit your head size.


2. (c) Place the long edge (pattern side facing out) behind your head and (d) bring the two long pieces together in front of your forehead, underneath the remaining corner piece.

3. (e) Tie the long pieces into a knot, leaving the short piece hanging. (f) Tighten the knot to ensure the scarf is secured onto your head.

4. (g) Bring the long pieces up and around the hanging short piece and (h) tie a tight knot on top to secure. Adjust so them scarf feels comfortable and secure on your head. This is the base of your turban. There will be 3 pieces coming out of the central knot.

5. (i) Bring the middle piece together with one of the other pieces to (j) tie another knot that combines all the pieces - this knot doesn't need to be as tight as you already have a secure base. Keep using these pieces to tie loose knots & create the desired shape of your turban!

6. Once you have finished tying the knots, tuck the small remaining pieces in & adjust until you're happy with the final shape. Voila! The perfect turban.



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